All About Me. Creating Books to talk about Experiences

All About Me. Creating Books to talk about Experiences

Making a book along with your child could be a particular and enjoyable experience for you both. It may raise your child’s self-esteem, while providing opportunities to develop his language and fine motor skills. As soon as the book is completed, it’ll be a memory that is lasting your child and family.

What exactly is an “All About Me” Book?

An “All About Me” book may be made for your child. It is a book that is special tells a child’s life story. Photographs, or mementos, of special events and milestones could be included with the book at any time. Celebrating your child’s accomplishments is important him to continue learning because it builds self-esteem and motivates. Finally, creating an “All About Me” book shows your child that he is loved, unique and special.

“All About Me” Book Contents

To get you started, we now have created several sections that could be a part of your child’s “All About Me” book. The book is an project that is on-going both you and your child can complete as time passes. According to your child’s interests and attention span, you may possibly desire to include only a few sections. Let me reveal a brief description of every section:

This page ought to include a recent image of your child.

My Birthday

For those who have a copy of one’s child’s birth announcement you can add it for this section. You might would also like to add an image of him on each birthday.

You might want to have a full page for every grouped family member that features their name and a photograph. Close friends can be included in also this section.

As soon as your child starts school, you might want to add class photos. You may also add programs from school events, such as concerts, in which he has got participated.

My Favourites

That is a great spot to add information about your child’s hobbies and interests.

Accurate documentation of one’s child’s accomplishments may be kept in this section. Each and every time he reaches a goal, such as for instance taking his first steps, tying his shoelaces or achieving another goal that he’s been working on, a new page can be added.

How to Make the Book

You shall need:

  • A printer and computer
  • A scrap book that is blank
  • photographs or pictures from magazines
  • crayons, markers and stickers
  • glue

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